This project was started to apply the web front-end, back-end, and JavaScript functions learned.
OwOb is operated on Cloudflare pages, and the OwOb API server is being developed and operated using Cloudflare workers and Hono Library.

Barcode Nickname Generator

A tool to easily create annoying barcode nicknames

A barcode nickname is a nickname that users use in online games to anonymize their accounts.
If one-character letters, such as the uppercase letter ‘I’ and the lowercase letter ‘l’, are arranged irregularly, they take on a uniform appearance like a barcode, and they have the same shape in most English game fonts, making them almost impossible to distinguish.

Because it is difficult to recognize users, it is also used to prevent friendships and naming in communities.

const chars = 'Il';
const array = new Uint32Array(lengthValue);

for (let i = 0; i < lengthValue; ++i) nickname += chars[array[i] % chars.length];
  1. Create a Uint32Array object to store random integers of the given length.
  2. Use the crypto.getRandomValues() method to populate it with random values.
  3. Iterate over the given length and randomly select one character from Il to generate a nickname.